Grace to Finish

I was laying here listening to a minister on YouTube, and I’d been praying for a while now for a scribe anointing. Not to mention, I’ve had writers block for weeks now!

The minister herself has written over a dozen books, and prays to release the scribes anointing to those watching. I totally received it! Now, mind you this video is at least a year old. How many of you know that there is no time or space when Your talking about God? None!  That all in itself is a blessing!

There is this project that I’ve been working on, trying to work on I should say, but haven’t been making much lead way. It finally hit me that I have been trying to work on the wrong thing! There are some writing projects in my heart that I want to do, and I believe some day I will complete them. However, there are some writing projects that God specifically gave me, and instructed me to do. I hadn’t started either one. I had to stop and repent! Wait, this is going somewhere I promise!

The grace in this season is to complete the projects He instructed me to do! I logged on and began to outline the chapters for one of the projects just as God gave them to me, and just as I wrote them down over a year ago. Yes, over a year ago. Then as I began to write the first chapter, Holy Spirit gave me a scripture. I am still listening to the minister on YouTube while all this is taking place. I am typing Hebrews 13:5, and I hear the minister say the exact scripture Holy Spirit has just given me! “……., because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”!” Confirmation!

God will confirm a thing! He said so in 2 Corinthians 13:1.  “This will be the third time I am coming to you. By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.”  She then began to pray and prophecy some other things that were sending jolts to my memory and heart! My spirit was leaping on the inside of me! She was confirming so many other things that are in my spirit to do. Even the ones that seemed so outrageous to me! Why am I telling you this?  I am so glad you asked!

I have been saying for a while that this is not the season to reside, or be stuck in your comfort zone! If you want to be used by God, you have to be willing to step out and away from the norm. There are things that won’t make sense, but will you be obedient? What has God told you to do? Have you done it? Will you finish what He asked you to do? It is not too late! You can do it! God would never have told you to do it if you couldn’t!

God wants you to know that He hasn’t given up on you! He hears your prayers, and He knows where you are. Don’t give up, and don’t quit! Align yourself and your vision with what God is showing and telling you. There is a blessing with your name on it! Keep the faith and believe God for the grace to finish.  I am, hallelujah!

by Denia Davis

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